Heineken Brewery

Heineken is one of the world's great brewers. Russian version of the corporate website contains a large amount of information about the company, beer and its history that is demonstrated by graphics and animation. Despite design the intuitive content management system was integrated within the website.

IRFE Fashion House

The IRFE fashion house established in Paris in 1924 is one of the oldest Russian Fashion houses. It was named after legendary founders – Princess Irina Romanova and Prince Felix Yussoupov. Flash animation is widely integrated through the website.

Gogul - Kid's Web Browser

Gogul is a tool of web security facilitation for children with access limitation and parental control. Website contains the list of children's resources and personal account of a parent. Framework jQuery is used in the website.

Developers Union

Developers Union - non-state partnership of professional participants of the real estate market of Moscow region. Informative and rigorous site with maps by Google Maps.


Corporate site of Internet Service Provider in Istra, Moscow region.

The business newspaper "Trade Club"

Website business publications: the whole material hard copy in electronic form. Submitted by archive issues of the newspaper.

Tendence - Spam Free Mail Hosting Provider

Tendence is an innovation company that operates in the area of Information Technologies.

E-NIGMA - Information Security System

E-NIGMA is a system of the remote storage and exchange of confidential information.

PRFrame – Free Extension for Mozilla Firefox

PRFrame is an official website of the free add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser.

Non-profit Project "Antispam Technologies"

Project "Antispam Technologies" is dedicated to different aspects of the fight against spam on post servers and clients.


BeFrame established in 2010 is a young innovative company developing tools for professional audience. Different social media instruments were integrated into the website for interactive communications.


Internet store of licensed software for Apple Macintosh. Extensive catalog of products seamlessly integrated into the calm and intuitive interface. Payments by credit cards are supported. Widely used social networking plugins (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal), and recommendation services (Yandex.Market).

Moon Studio

Architectural bureau Moon Studio. In the porfolio and the list of publications is widely used JavaScript. Also on the site used flash-animation.


Panovision - innovative technologies for the outdoor-advertising. Description of the devices presented in graphical form and in the video.

Family holidays in Belarussia

The site is dedicated to tourism in the Republic of Belarus: fishing, family vacation, rafting.

Vladimir Razumny

Personal site of a journalist, educator and philosopher Vladimir Aleksandrovich Razumny. Photos, articles and books.